#GoodNews: Your Employer is Building Inner Strength in You and Doesn’t Know It

Just remember this is just a spiritual test to see what you’re made of and a journey to endure as a good soldier for the Lord Jesus Christ.




You’re probably one of millions of people throughout America who has a narcissist employer. That narcissist employer stays on your neck trying to make you feel some type of way so that you act out and say something you’ll regret. When you feel your narcissist employer trying to get you to act out, remain humble and let your words Be few. Very little does your narcissist employer know he or she is slowly making you rich by giving you all the unnecessary attitudes and rolling of eyes. When you feel targeted by your narcissist employer, look at it as a subliminal blessing in disguise.


When your employer comes at you sideways, keep a positive mindset. Positive thinking has a unique way of overcoming any feelings felt in the moment. Your narcissist employer is not only making you rich, but they’re also bringing out positive qualities in you that were possibly asleep for quite some time. You may be one of many ambitious people who had to endure certain adverse situations throughout your life in order to bring certain things back out of you. Ambition. The will to succeed. The fight or flight response. The sink or swim mentality. Whatever positive trait you feel came out of you after your narcissist employer continually came after you spiritually and emotionally, use that positive trait to your advantage for the goodness of not only making yourself humbly rich, but lifting others up also who are in the struggle to achieve eternal spiritual greatness. Your narcissist employer is doing nothing more than feeling your fire to prosper Beyond imagination.

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Let your employer run the mouth off at you and try to front you off in front of other employees. Let that narcissistic employer feel they have the upper hand on you. Let that narcissistic employer feel that you’re their “yes man.” Let that narcissist employer cheat you out of a raise. Let that narcissistic employer feel they own you for the moment. The adverse feelings your employer tries to instill in side of you can be transformed into positive energy towards not only helping others build their businesses from the ground floor up and become an honorable leader in the making, but also earn a good reputation for yourself at the same time. Your narcissist employer is led by the devil and treating you some kind of way for a reason. It’s your personal trial and tribulation to see what you’re made of as a person. If you feel you’re not cut out working for your employee long-term and see yourself growing with the company, use your job as a stepping stone to grow from spiritually and as a bridge job to wards building your business Enterprise on the side. Your narcissist employer is the biggest blessing in your life financially and you should thank them for treating you out-of-the-ordinary after earning your first million dollars. Show them the power of positive thinking can overcome their ignorant ways. Show them your positive thinking not only transformed you from employee to entrepreneur, but also strengthen you spiritually. This is what you call true transformation of the spirit and heart and building up your net worth as a spiritual champion and future millionaire.

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Character and good morale goes further than having it in the workplace. It’ll propel you to the blessed avenue someday of meeting an ideal soulmate. Don’t look at how someone is acting and treating you in the moment. Keep moving forward and as they say “shake it off.” That’s the heart of a true transformation champion for life.

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