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#KeepingYourCool: 6 Ways to Deal With an Angry Employer When They Try to Provoke You in #EmployerToEmployee #WorkplaceHarassment

Truth – Dealing with people in the workplace requires positive thinking and a Visionary Outlook where you desire to be years down the road either with the company or working for yourself inside hustle entrepreneurship. Dealing with people in the moment such as co-workers, your employer or the acting manager on duty, and customers can… Read more inspiring words here

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At the gym right now

Losing weight in 2018 is a beautiful labor of love. Stay tuned For an upcoming post discussing terminated to millionaire and ways of dealing with rejection and keeping your head held high as your narcissist employers secretly set you up for termination and out the door.

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#SideHustleMillionaire: Entrepreneurs Who Achieved Successful #Transformations from #TerminatedToMillionaire

Coming up tomorrow on the Drewry News Network positive affirmations blog:   How to keep your head held high after your narcissist employer secretly conspires for your wrongful termination How to get out of the mindset that it’s a personal war waged against you by your employer 5 former employees who were fired and humiliated… Read more inspiring words here