#SideHustleMillionaire: Transitioning from #Employee to #Entrepreneur and Future #OnlineMillionaire = #Terminated to Millionaire!

Wrongfully terminated by a narcissist employer who secretly sToLe your job and commissions from you? That’s a million dollar experience to discuss to your spouse and children years to come how you overcame such adversity and made the successful transformation to “side hustle millionaire” status. It’s never easy in the moment dealing with such feelings. On the positive side of things, it builds character and brings out positive entrepreneurial qualities your former employer could never afford in the first place. Letting you go is a subliminal blessing in disguise. They made you a future [side hustle millionaire] without their knowledge.

Truth:┬áIf you have a will to succeed in venturing on your own, a humble heart in overcoming all sorts of life challenges, and a teachable spirit in getting guidance from GOD and entrepreneurs who serve others in empowering them for success, you’ll find yourself in a position to be passively blessed with knowledge to be a success, and help inspire others to be successful freelancers. It is hard work to stay afloat in freelancing. You don’t get the pension, healthcare benefits, 401k, stock options, nor time built up to take off and go on vacation. It’s your own business and must work sometimes at any hour of the day and night.

Everyone has to work in life. Whether you wake up in the morning and go to work for someone else, run a storefront or corporate business, or, work at home as your own boss in the comfort of working when you desire, it’s all placed under the umbrella of productivity. Nowadays, many find themselves working for themselves out of inspiration, due to the lack of hiring in the economy people are in today.

Freelancing helps people to build their business, whether it be offline or on the world wide web. Being a dedicated freelancer does take time for things to take off. However, the beauty of building your business in freelancing is that you don’t feel the pressure of someone virtually breathing down your back to get certain tasks completed. This helps the person who freelances to have a piece of mind, being that they are genuinely doing this in being self-motivated, and not feeling pressured to meet anyone”s deadlines of having things accomplished.

For some, freelancing was a way of life they had to pursue. The best entrepreneurs who became the most successful are those who were virtually written off by others, society, and faced much disappointment in being fired by past employers again and again. And, those entrepreneurs who succeeded faced the most emotionally challenging times, such as being put down by others, doubted, cast away, and feeling used like they are just another person. Being a freelancer not only frees you from the limitations placed on you by others in not being promoted, granted certain opportunities, or anything else, but, it also allows you to be the ultimate positive person you can be, in unleashing your full spiritual and creative potential. With having your own in freelancing, you can create, keep creating, and think of new things as you progress along your journey in freelancing to your ultimate potential.

There’s no more job security in America. Working for yourself is the best job security. You’re better off starting your side hustle from your smartphone, laptop, or desktop PC by starting your own online business and not resorting to relying on your daytime employer to give you a raise. Employers secretly mistreat employees and think they can get away with it. Take your power back today by transitioning quietly into side hustle entrepreneurship and get in the healthy mindset of losing the weight of working for someone else and gain fitness of the mind by putting yourself in the driver’s seat to become a future side hustle millionaire by starting your own business. You know how the ol’ saying goes…laugh now…cry later. That’s what your former employer will be doing spiritually when they find out the one they cheated out of a job became a millionaire after all the wrong they’ve done.

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