#TransformationTuesday: Are You Ready to #LoseWeight and be a #SideHustleMillionaire?

It’s important to get your health in order and lose weight after your narcissist employer secretly had you terminated. Starting your own business and transitioning into the mindset of being a near future side hustle millionaire will require you as an unwritten rule to lose weight. Losing weight will help you be more creative in your thought leader transformation to greatness, build a lean body you’ll love staying in year round, and help you feel good about yourself while building a million dollar side hustle from the ground floor up. Additionally, you’ll need to “lose weight fast,” by doing cardio in the morning on an empty stomach and drinking Apple Cider Vinegar “with the mother” by Bragg nutrition mixed in 1 gallon of water daily. This way, you’ll release and incinerate stored unhealthy bodyfat that your metabolism will use for fuel while you’re moving closer to becoming a transformation health champion and a “side hustle millionaire.”


Today’s Health Blurb: It’s good to do 5 minutes of cardio prior to working out, to increase oxygen intake and get your heart rate up.

It’s also good to do walking or mild jogging cardio before your workout because you also motivate yourself that way to burn additional stored body fat, as well as reduce the hunger to consume “unauthorized foods” during the week. Eating raw Salmon and drinking cold Ciroc liquor out of the freezer will do your body no good. You need to cook your meat before eating and abstain from alcohol consumption. Alcohol has empty fat calories that Gratify vegan chips nor Seasons salad can’t help dissolve. Put the alcohol down now and do the transformation work.


Believe it or not, cardio, performed before and after workout, helps with increase in libido, increase in feelings of happiness, as well as re-calibrate sleep patterns, so you rest sounder at night and sleep deeper, producing feelings or complete rest, upon awakening in the morning.


Be inspired to keep going the extra mile in your journey to eat and live healthier

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