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#TerminatedtoMillionaire: Be Thankful You Were #Humiliated and #Fired in Front of People and Secretly Setup for #Termination by Your #Employer Because You’re About to Be a #SideHustleMillionaire

“Terminated to millionaire.” Isn’t that a subliminal blessing in disguise? Too bad you can’t get a bag of Gratify Vegan chips in a gift box with the success around the corner soon to be earned.   The greatest blessings come in all shapes, sizes, and of course, through people. When your former employer thinks they… Read more inspiring words here

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#Freewill: Don’t Forget To…

Give tithes and offering from the heart today in church. That’s true transformation of the heart. Always give 10% off “gross earnings before net pay.” And always give MORE in offering than your tithes.   Happy Sunday! 🙂

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#WorkplaceHarassment: Avoid Wearing Certain #Fragrances to Work if You Want to Keep Your #Job

A post shared by @stimulating_fragrances on Jul 17, 2018 at 1:00pm PDT There’s always some women quietly lurking around in the workplace with a roaming nose subliminally waiting to inhale a man’s scent. Her hormones allegedly go AWOL when she smells certain fragrances on a man such as and colognes. She’ll know if… Read more inspiring words here