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#Love and #forgiveness is good for the #heart

In everyone’s life, we all struggle with balance. We have so much to do in daily productivity, most of us have families, and we try to balance even our love life with someone we’re dating, or , whomever we are married to.

To feel unbalanced in life between striving to keep everything positioned congruently in terms of work, relationships, love and everything else is a normal feeling. We all feel that. And, there are others online that care to empower you with discussing this interesting topic.

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Can you think positive after 50 without having a spouse and children of your own? Is it true a person over the age of 50 will be by themselves for the rest of their lives because they are childless and unmarried. Maybe. Maybe not. They’re possibly not married and without children because their personality is not a compatible fit for someone that seeks a submissive spouse. Additionally, the person who has no children of their own and has never been married might have character traits in them and set in their ways to the point of members of the opposite gender possibly feeling no interest towards them. Who knows?

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