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Good News Just for You

It’s about GOD 1st! The LORD Jesus Christ who is GOD Almighty and Creator of all living things is worthy of being praised and given thanks. HE does so much for you and i. Putting Christ first in your life and striving to put HIM first additionally to including The LORD Jesus in your business opens the door for you… Read more inspiring words here

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#Hope: The Power of #PositiveThinking to Achieve Above and Beyond

Accelerated spiritual transformation progress stems from relying on The Lord Jesus Christ for your full strength, while doing the transformation work faithfully. Thank GOD that HE is and always will be in the problem solving business. GOD is good, all the time. Thank YOU Lord Jesus for blessing everyone.

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#WinnersandLosers: Guess What, #Narcissist? You Lose!

The power of positive thinking and doing the transformation work in moving forward and not looking back nor giving reactions to those who look for a specific reaction builds spiritual strength to endure hardship with a bright future to look forward to. Amen.