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#Road to #SideHustleMillionaire: Time to Get That #SideHustle Going by Transitioning From #EmployeeToEntrepreneur – It’s Long Overdue For You!

´╗┐Maybe you’ve flirted with the idea of   starting your own business   but too comfortable in your day job. Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to start a business but too busy. Or just didn’t know how. You always wanted to be a “side hustle millionaire,” but it never went further than that. Now’s your… Read more inspiring words here

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#PositiveThinking: Using the Blessing of #Rejection to Become a Future #SideHustleMillionaire

Rejection can be used as a positive catalyst to build a business from humble beginnings into internet millions. From dating rejection, wrongful employment termination, and slandering by family members…negatives can be transformed into positives. And financial positives at that!   Any man is his right mind would be a fool for being mad because of… Read more inspiring words here

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#DocumentingEmployers Wrongful Actions: Write Everything Down and Stay Consistent in #EmployeeDocumentation of Your #NarcissistEmployer

This is an example how to properly document your daily employee activity on the job while doing your job with customers and interacting with staff. When documenting your day, make sure that you record the date, names, and times of everything. If you have to go back and proofread your information for accuracy and compare… Read more inspiring words here