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When Your Employer Turns the Heat Up on You…

It means…   You’re a millionaire in the making. What you are experiencing now with your current or former employer is basic training. You can’t be a side hustle millionaire without having life experience under your belt. Hang in there. The best is yet to come.

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#Friday: The Best Day of the Week

Before walking in to work today and dealing with a challenging employer who probably doesn’t like you, be mindful to pray first thing in the morning upon awakening. Prayer starts your day on the right foot. After prayer, get a nice shower and head to the gym early to do morning exercise and post-workout cardio.… Read more inspiring words here

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#WorkplaceIssues: How to #WriteUp Your #CoWorker and #Employer When in #Cahoots to Get Your #Terminated

This serves as another sample of documenting actions of your employer, co-workers, and how to reports occurrences of workplace immaturity to Human Resources. When workplace issues arise, the first step you should take is taking a mental recording of the exact date and time the occurrence took place. Be mindful to always keep a watchful… Read more inspiring words here