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#HealthyLiving: Save Money Now on #EggWhites

Striving to think positive and get healthy in the new year? Save money now and stock up on healthy egg whites. The sooner you commit to eating right and making healthy changes inside out, the sooner you’ll think more positive and take control of your life!

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#EatingRight: #HealthyThinking and #HealthyEating for ‘Spiritual and Physical Balance’

Give God thanks for everything because it’s HIM that blesses you to see a new day.   Talking yourself into making healthy changes should result transformation action following into physical and spiritual alterations. Eating right and getting in good solid spiritual and physical nutrition should be your “annual mantra” – (year round agenda). On any… Read more inspiring words here

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The Truth About Food

Natural food of the Earth is fuel for your body and mind to excel in longevity. Did you know fuel from food plays a key role in your cognitive processes? Believe it or not, it does. Food can alter your thoughts to think positive or otherwise. This is why it’s important to be mindful of… Read more inspiring words here