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Stay Positive in Your Thoughts Because Tough Times Don’t Last Forever

The transformation solution to overcoming your woes is through prayer to The LORD Jesus Christ who is GOD and GOD alone, fasting, and believing you can and will overcome problems while staying in a positive mindset.     Crooked people are everywhere. Family members, ex’s, employers, phony friends, next door neighbors, police officers, detectives, politicians.… Read more inspiring words here

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#Success: The Same One That Ignores You Will Come Running Back When They Find Out You’re Well Off Without Them

Food for thought: Immature men get angry when they’re ignored and say disrespectful things. A visionary and spiritually grounded man should feel blessed when he’s ignored. Why? It helps him make better choices in his future soulmate. Moreover, rejection and silence can be used with a positive mindset to fuel his spiritual and business drive… Read more inspiring words here

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#PositiveThinking: Using the Blessing of #Rejection to Become a Future #SideHustleMillionaire

Rejection can be used as a positive catalyst to build a business from humble beginnings into internet millions. From dating rejection, wrongful employment termination, and slandering by family members…negatives can be transformed into positives. And financial positives at that!   Any man is his right mind would be a fool for being mad because of… Read more inspiring words here