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#PositiveThinking: Overcoming a Narcissist-Boss-Friend and Walking Away Without Problems

It’s important to always play cool in your place of employment regardless who says or does want to you. Those critical moments build or break your employment and personal character. Regardless how bad your boss or coworkers are dishing out disparate treatment towards you in feeling like a targeted employee, it’s still your responsibility as… Read more inspiring words here

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#TerminatedToMillionaire: Be Thankful for Problems Because It Makes You #ThinkPositive About Yourself

Everything you’re going through is bootcamp. You’re in training to be a near future “side hustle millionaire.” Be thankful when people walk past you in Church and don’t speak. Be thankful for that wrongful termination, compliments of your former narcissist employer. Be thankful for slander by jealous family members. Be thankful for being falsely accused.… Read more inspiring words here