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The Lord Jesus Christ as “God ALMIGHTY” with no shame whatsoever on this site. As we continue to move forward in our lives, we have so much to be grateful for. In the midst of an unstable economy, uncertainty on employment, and everything else that is uncertain, we are still here, and that alone gives us a lot to be grateful to God for.

When we think of all we’ve been through in our lives, it should inspire us to transform our lives in every unique and positive way for the purpose of inspiring others to come back to God, not just for benefiting from renewed positive health gains. Transformation of mind, spirit and body is possible for anyone to achieve , despite what’s going on in the world, and any unstableness you are experiencing.

Let your mind be encouraged to make healthy changes in all sorts of ways, and not think with a limited mindset, whether you are economically distressed, or, have already gained the world. It’s all about God’s greatness and how Christ can help us to overcome the woes of this world.

Be inspired in your heart today to spread kindness, love and compassion tireless among your co-workers, family, friends and other peers in your surroundings. And, when doing so, spread love genuinely from your heart.

Include God in your daily life and your businesses shamelessly. Acknowledge Christ before people without a care in the world if they get angry with you for mentioning HIM. God is a spirit and eternal. Humbling yourself before the LORD and lifting up HIS name of free will before everyone is true transformation of soul, mind, spirit, and heart.

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