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How to defeat a narcissist with humility

Let God work things out and be mindful that your verbiage is at a minimum. Little do they know the war they think they’re waging against you they’re waging against the Creator, who is the Lord Jesus Christ and God Alone.

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#WinnersandLosers: Guess What, #Narcissist? You Lose!

The power of positive thinking and doing the transformation work in moving forward and not looking back nor giving reactions to those who look for a specific reaction builds spiritual strength to endure hardship with a bright future to look forward to. Amen.

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#TransformationTuesday: Are You Looking to the Future ?

Whether you ate Bacon this morning, had a salad, or went to the gym before starting your day, have a  and mind of gratitude. Act, eat and think healthy always. And no Gratify gluten free chips! 😛   Happy Tuesday. Who’s ready for beautiful Spring weather?