#DecisionMaking: He Should’ve Thought Twice Before Publishing That Information

In an interesting article published on October 28, 2012 it talks about a Greek reporter being arrested in Athens. This Greek publisher-journalist allegedly published over 2000 Greek names of Swiss Bank account holders. Common sense should’ve told this guy “if he did do it” that you do not publish certain things to the Internet. Additionally, you certainly do not publish anyone’s name on a blog or website trying to expose someone. There’s a way to do things in decency and order without putting people in a negative spotlight and exposing people’s private business.

The publisher is accused by Greek police of publishing citizens private information. On the Internet, it’s mandatory for every web publisher to respectfully stay in line and be mindful of what we publish to the Internet. While the Internet is the free world of creativity and publishing as you please, there are limitations. There are things that publishers should not say online, simply because not only is the Internet “emotionless,” but it’s also easy for something to be negatively taken out of context and looked at the wrong way. This is why publishers from across the world should think 2 to 5 times before publishing certain things to the Internet.

Look at the situation and life of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. He published things to the Internet he should not have and is in hiding today. When you publish something to the Internet, please be respectful of others and do not name names, nor publish people’s personal business. DrewryNewsNetwork would never publish anyone’s name or put their personal business out there for others to know, because this site thrives on building positive relationships with others and helping people succeed with useful information sharing.


The world of Web information technology is forever changing. With that said, DrewryNewsNetwork is always seeking unique and effective ways to extend content reach to new online audiences, while serving good information to the internet masses. Serving quality informaton to readers versus working a traditional 9-to-5 day job is more work than an average day jobber performs. There’s more thought needed to carry out daily publishing tasks, more uncertainty, and an unwritten rule to serve people with what they desire. But that doesn’t always happen (People pleasing). A person at times needs to revamp their mental business strategies to keep things interesting online.

This site is always thankful to its sites up orders for the continued support. Your viewership means a lot.

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