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The LORD Jesus Christ can do all things beyond our limited human thinking.

If you’ve ever fallen off of the bandwagon of making positive progress in life in any positive way, no need to dwell on the past. Truth is, we all do. Need inspiration ? We all do so we can inspire others to stay positive in their daily strides.

No one can make it in this world alone. Stephen Pierce is a great example of entrepreneurial transformation. He admits to being bankrupt back then, being “completely isolated from every single person,” and overcoming the adverse woes of life. Success is not about financial gain. It’s about “appreciating the struggle,” rebuilding your spiritual nitrogen retention,” staying in a positive “Christ-like anabolic state,” when striving to live for God again.

Transforming into a healthier being is no doubt a beautiful labor of love. When you apply yourself to succeeding spiritually, you experience so much good and have a humble heart in knowing that not only can you not make it alone, but, you’re willing to be teachable in “regaining spiritual fitness of the mind.”

Stephen Pierce is an internet millionaire today. Always remember money is temporary and is just something for us to get by on. Truth is, the growth we experience in the process of transforming holds more value. Character, spirit, humility, and most of all, relying on God for your energy can by far do more than transform your financial well being.

Be encouraged when you view this video to make your personal health changes, internally and externally. And most of all, when making your changes, have no pride, in showing off that you’re bettering yourself of free will. When you humble yourself, such as Mr. Stephen Pierce did and continues to do, you can build “Christ-like anabolic spiritual muscle,” that’ll bench-press any adversity that dares to cross your path.

When experiencing any kind of business success or increased finances, give Christ thanks for going through problems. It’s in our adversities we learn our greatest lessons. The Lord Jesus helps build character in your strides to genuinely change for the better. Most importantly, love unconditionally. It’s no secret what GOD can do for you.

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