Humble Yourself and Get Along With Others ‘And That Includes Workplace Demon(s) and Narcissist Employer’ - #Faith, #Hope, and #Humility play a kay role in overcoming #negativeemployers who are #nothing more than #narcissists. Know your #role and #humbleyourself, even when your#employer is #wrong.God will bless you and make a way out of no way, when you strive daily to humble yourself before HIM. put the Lord Jesus Christ first in your life and you can’t fail.



In learning valuable lessons of life and progressing day by day, our experiences are to mold us into individuals who strive to stay spiritually fit. We can build all the muscles in the gym and do cardio until we fall off the treadmill and lose all the weight. Truth is, our minds and tongues holds the strongest power, holding more value than anything. Staying spiritually fit is a tough job, but getting direction and counsel from Jesus helps to make the journey more understandable.

No preaching here. Just a slice of humble pie with a down to earth, real talk. Spiritual fitness of the mind entails striving daily to achieve spiritual progress. When we stay the course in our positive daily endeavors spiritually and combine exercise, cardiovascular activity, and good solid nutrition eating clean, there’s no telling how anyone can benefit from gaining extra strength in adding to the “spiritual fitness of the mind.”

It’s mind over matter regardless of your life experience. And if you exercise your mind and body often, there’s no telling how much goodness can come out of you, that will inspire someone, a group, a city, or even a nation to follow your lead, in making healthy changes. Encouragement and inspiration…pass it on, and do so, with love in your heart.

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