#MindOverMatter: How to Deal With Haters at The Workplace and Prosper


You can’t change people. Don’t let people change you.  Haters are everywhere. There”s no way we can avoid them. It’s how we deal with haters and how much understanding we have about life to react in that moment can build solid character.

They’re at your job, in your family, on the web, maybe an ex, or just someone that’s hating on you for no reason. When you deal with haters in a mature aspect, it increases the “fitness of your mind.” You’ll be able to better cope face to face in dealing with a narcissist and smile in their face while doing an awesome above and beyond job, walking away with a feeling of abnormal worth and your head held high.

Dealing with a hater can help your mind to positively expand, as it just may be nothing more than a humbling experience to make you a spiritually better person, and striving daily to live healthier. When you strive earnestly to do a good job and do the transformation work in your heart, you’ll make wiser decision in avoiding workplace termination pitfalls and turn your enemy into your footstool. That’s what you call a true transformation champion for life.

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