#PositiveThinking: Only an Ignorant #Man Says Out of Turn Things to a #Woman After #Rejection

#Sidehustle #entrepreneursThe average thinking male shows his true colors and true character after a female turns him down.

A wise man uses savviness to profit from rejection. When rejections happens to a man, he should smile. He profits through discipline, entrepreneurship, and waking up in the morning to profits. Only dumb men get mad and say stupid things to females after she rejects him.

For every experience there’s hidden goodness. A man grows when he uses the awesome power of positive thinking to transform rejection into unadvertised opportunity. And even in a uncertain America today, there’s still opportunity everywhere way beyond meeting a soulmate. The same one that rejects you keeps a close eye in silence on your progress long after rejecting you. Then they sometimes contact you out of the wood works later down the road when they find out in secrecy things are good with you. Stay humble, say nothing, move forward, and keep a positive mindset so unlimited opportunities come your way.  Exercise and eat right also so you maintain a healthy weight.

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