#SideHustleMillionaire: What to Do When Life Serves Lemons – Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

#adversity creates #spiritual, #entrepreneurial & #financial opportunity - you're blessed!

What do you do when things are not going your way and still striving to get organized and remain positive in train of thought? You continue thinking positive and in hope of a bright future. God sees your struggle and knows what you’re going through. The Lord Jesus knew you would have a difficult time before you were born. God won’t leave you hanging in the cold. HE‘s a merciful GOD, a loving God, and has your back in times of difficulty. Believe in the LORD Jesus Christ and HIS ability to bring you through your time of great trial and tribulation. You’re a transformation champion in the making and no champion succeeds in the uncertain game called life without going through great difficulty. If you don’t go through something now, you don’t have a testimony later to testify before people.


Family turns their back on you and wants nothing to do with you because you don’t fit in. Employers fire you for personal reasons or because you don’t fit into corporate culture and refuse to be a yes woman or yes man. You interview for jobs only to get rejection letters in the mail or ignored or walked out the door by the same prospective employer you interviewed with twice in a row.


When life serves lemons, pray about it. Give your problems to The LORD Jesus.  HE can fix any problem!



Lastly, keep moving forward with your business plans. In other words, get that side hustle going. Why? You’re a side hustle millionaire in the making.


When your current or former employer and slanderous family members think they have you trapped in a corner and making you the laughing stock of the conversation, just remember you’re a child of the most high GOD and truly destined for greatness!

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