Starting the #NewYear on a #PositiveNote by #ThinkingPositive

It’s easy to become mentally distorted in an averse way with things going on in the world today. From unemployment, government shutdown, rejection, life not turning out in your favor for the moment, robbed of a pay raise and commission, wrongfully terminated, personal debt, etc. can cloud your positive train of thought. Always remember that whenever you are experiencing in life adversely or what ever is going on around you that’s not positive is only a situation for the moment. This too shall pass. It shouldn’t deter you from moving forward and having a positive mindset.

In every negative situation there some good. There is profit in adversity. Those who do you wrong and curve balls life throws at you contain hidden wealth that’ll make you more then financially successful. Most people associate profits and wealth with money. While that is the case in most situations, profit and wealth also has to do with spiritual growth. Having the ability to use the awesome power of positive thinking and transforming and negative into a positive and spiritually benefiting from it outweighs tangible worldly financial gain. In other words, your mind outweighs any profit of this world. When life presents a unique challenge to you, it’s up to you to use positive thinking, prayer, and believing in yourself by doing the transformation work out of inspiration or desperation to overcome the uncertain game called life. People and situations can be overcome and you can have the victory, if you believe in yourself, think positive, pray daily and always pray often, and do the transformation work.

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