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#SideHustleMillionaire: Times Up for You, #Narcissist – The One You Plotted on is Transitioning – #TerminatedToMillionaire Soon! (Things You’d Love to Say to Your #Employer)

This is something you would tell your employer to their face had they been brave enough to show up for work:   Your shenanigans has come to an end. You fired the wrong employee. Do you know you made me a future side hustle millionaire? Do you know all of your skeletons will fall out… Read more inspiring words here

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#SideHustleMillionaire: Still Making Your Employer Rich? Get That #SideHustle Going Now Before You’re #Terminated !

  Truth: A side hustle is something you definitely need in today’s age of Information Technology and unemployment uncertainty. Millions of Americans are now taking it to the internet and starting small businesses from the comfort of their home, smart phone and laptop as a means of creating a passive secondary stable income. Truth of… Read more inspiring words here