#SideHustleMillionaire: Times Up for You, #Narcissist – The One You Plotted on is Transitioning – #TerminatedToMillionaire Soon! (Things You’d Love to Say to Your #Employer)

Your #narcissist #employer doesn't #know that they #inspired you ot #achieve #sidehustlemillionaire #status by #starting a #business #online & #earning #millions of #dollars in #commission.

This is something you would tell your employer to their face had they been brave enough to show up for work:


Your shenanigans has come to an end. You fired the wrong employee. Do you know you made me a future side hustle millionaire? Do you know all of your skeletons will fall out of the closet and tell your life deeds on you when least expected? You’ve been getting away with saying things to employees, doing things, and setting people up like you’re some type of corporate henchman.


You fired the wrong employee who will get the sweetest revenge on you by moving forward, ignoring you in public, giving you no reaction, and becoming a side hustle millionaire in peace and harmony, thanking you for adding positive fuel and motivation to help the wrongfully terminated employee defeat you at your own game. While you’ll be looking to earn a cool 9 grand off of another employee and eat Gratify Vegan chips, I’ll suffer for a while longer and retain my long term vision for achieving near future side hustle millionaire status. Thanks for everything.


Lastly, thanks again for allowing me to capitalize off of you with a 0% return on your investment. Your victory is only temporary.


Wouldn’t you love to say something like that to your boss, knowing they set you up to be fired? That’ll make a good book for someone to read someday, dont’cha think? 🙂

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