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#LeadershipMentality: A Few Good Reasons Why You Should Never Act Out Before and After in Going From #TerminatedToMillionaire

“Terminated to millionaire.” That’s what you are in the making. Terminated to millionaire is a status wrongfully terminated employees work to achieve. They deserve the terminated to millionaire status because of what they’ve been through with their former narcissist employer and experiencing wrongful termination.   Following posts to come on DNN will discuss:   Reasons… Read more inspiring words here

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#PositiveThinking to #BusinessSuccess: Need Someone Already Successful in Business to Help You Stay Positive in Your ‘Entrepreneurial Thought Patterns’ as an Aspiring #SideHustleMillionaire?

Warren Buffett continues to keep entrepreneurs inspired to successfully move forward in their business endeavors on a positive note. Mr. Buffett always passes the torch of inspiration, motivating people not only to start their own business, but to also be better in every aspect of their business. He started side hustling when he didn’t know… Read more inspiring words here

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#SideHustleMillionaire: 5 Ways to Deal With an Acting Manager Sending You Home Early from Work While You’re a #MillionaireintheMaking

Failure is nothing more than priceless stepping stones to entrepreneurial and spiritual greatness. When people think you’re down and out and they have the best of you and trying to make you feel like a slave while working for them, just know the Lord Jesus Christ is God and God alone has something better in store… Read more inspiring words here