#SideHustleMillionaire: 5 Ways to Deal With an Acting Manager Sending You Home Early from Work While You’re a #MillionaireintheMaking

Failure is nothing more than priceless stepping stones to entrepreneurial and spiritual greatness. When people think you’re down and out and they have the best of you and trying to make you feel like a slave while working for them, just know the Lord Jesus Christ is God and God alone has something better in store for you beyond starting and running a future million-dollar business while never worrying about retiring on a can of beans. They kick and punch mentally until they start seeing you and hearing you’re doing good. Then they all come running back trying to speak and want to know how you did it. It’s all about God and never you.


So you’re one of those people who have a day job but looking to transition into entrepreneurship. You’re going through the awesome trials and tribulations associated with your personal life and your job. You’re doing your job to the best of your ability while staying positive and doing the transformation business work. You have a few haters on the job who would nonetheless love to see you fired and left behind because of their personal feelings toward you. It could even be your boss and/or acting manager(s) in authoritative positions that secretly hate you and don’t want to see your progress. Whatever happens, stay positive, keep doing your job, ignore people when necessary for peace sake, and continue reading how to deal with the haters on the job.

Do you feel like you’re singled out on your job and coworkers and boss or acting manager on duty treating you funny by sending you home early often? if you feel you’re one of those folk that’s classified as a “peculiar employee,” it might be a blessing in disguise. Everyone goes through things for a reason. Not only is being sent home and seen as a peculiar employee your personal test, but it could also be your subliminal journey into entrepreneurship as well as you being a millionaire in the making. When you’re sent home early by your boss or acting manager, it’s a blessing. You get to keep the energy you would use to complete tasks on your job toward the end of your shift and use it toward starting and building your own business.

Being sent home early before your shift ends on the job is a good thing.” You have the grand opportunity to put yourself in a position to use your energy to do as much as possible to build your foundation entrepreneurially. In other words, see yourself five to ten years from now running your own business and making yourself a millionaire, using your creative strengths and adversities from the way your current job treats you to make yourself richer.

Here’s five creative ways to make yourself a potential millionaire when your job doesn’t appreciate you:

1. Start an online business – you can easily get started making money online from the comfort of your laptop or home computer by starting a small business blog. What topic is dear to your heart? Is it comic books, fitness, education, social media marketing, selling health supplements, or art? Whatever you hold dear to your heart and is for the good of others, it would benefit you to start a small business blog and work one it in your spare time. Whether you work a day job right now or a college student or in between jobs, you can start a blog centered around the topic you love to discuss most. Once you start your blog, get in the positive mindset of at least posting one blog a day in excess of 500 words or more. This way, you get yourself into the mindset of consistent see and writing about something that’ll never get boring.

When creating blog posts in draft mode, be mindful to include images and video with your post so you can engage deeper with your blog readers. A post at least one blog a day six days a week for three years, you’ll be able to potentially walk away from your day job and have yourself in the grand position of potentially earning 4 to 5 figures a month. Just bear in mind when you’re earning large sums of money for them from the Internet and your blog, the mindful put a nice amount a way to save for your retirement. You don’t want to work 30 or 40 years for any employer who doesn’t appreciate shoe and keeps sending you home early from work before your shift is up. You’ll be able to look back later down the road and laugh how your employer sent you home for work early and how you’re potentially in online millionaire now. It’s all about using adversity to open doors of spontaneous opportunity.

2. Increase your cardiovascular output – you’ll need lots of energy in this line of work. Running an online business whether it’s a blog or whatever the case is going to require a mildly fast metabolism. Reason being that she’ll need extra energy is because you’re working slowly but surely put yourself in a position to be your own boss and a potential millionaire. Therefore, it’s required as an unwritten rule for your entrepreneurial success that you do your cardio and stay up to par with eating right and exercising. If you’re looking to lose weight and kickstart your metabolism so you’ll have more than enough energy to prosper as a future entrepreneur transitioning from your salad day job, it’s a good idea to do cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach before starting your work day. Reason for starting your cardiovascular activity on an empty stomach first thing in the morning is because putting yourself in a position to burn stored body fat and to potentially keep your metabolism moving above average up to six hours potentially after you’ve done your morning cardio to increase your fat burning potential. As you start to lose weight, you’ll notice your heart rate and internal energy rising.

As your body becomes lighter and healthier, you’ll notice your creativity and ambition as an entrepreneur is slowly increasing. You’ll feel quietly compelled to write longer blog posts. Upload more videos to YouTube. Striving harder “not working harder for your sleazy narcissist employer” for excellence to engage on a deeper level with your blog readers. It’ll feel quietly compelled to invest more time into building your business and using the negativity experienced from your day job and your boss sending you home early from work to make your own business work for you. If your boss doesn’t sin you home and and acting manager does, be thankful they’re doing so as their quietly making you richer slowly but surely without their knowledge. If you can see your self a multi-millionaire within the next 10 years running your own business successfully, now’s the time to change your train of thought and get yourself in the gym so that you can increase your cardiovascular output and have more creativity and energy for investing quality time in your business, while you quietly work on quitting your day job and becoming a millionaire in the making.

3. Setup business accounts – It’s a good idea you do this in advance even as your current finances are limited. Remember, you’re doing all of this off of a leap of faith. Nothing’s guaranteed in business. You’re setting up business accounts in advance in preparation to deal with the upcoming financial success you’ve never experienced before. Know your role and play it accordingly by getting a head start now and diversify your bank accounts. Be mindful to set up separate accounts for your escrow and taxes. This way, if the IRS ever wants to question anything you have your financial ducks properly lined up where as nothing can be seen as potentially “fraudulent.” If you’re unsure about how to set up multiple business bank accounts, you may want to seek legal advice from your lawyer before doing so.

4. Ignore people on the job when necessary – God sees and knows everything before it happens. Someone on the job may have it out or your employment termination. It could be your boss who has a secret vendetta against you whatever reason. It can be for spiritual reasons because you claim in the workplace to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. Your boss or whoever has a secret vendetta against you may try to pin your coworkers against you by allegedly putting them up to starting things with you on the job so in an argument takes place.

If your co workers start growing negative feelings in their heart toward you and you engage in arguments with them by giving reactions, they can band together and complain about you wrongfully to human resources, thus causing you to be written up in a wrongful charge by the HR manager and put you in the hot seat potential termination in the future. When coworkers and your boss try to provoke an argument, your best option is to remain silent and humbly ignore. This is not “insubordination.” You don’t want to be quoted as saying something else and allegedly having your coworkers say you “threatened” them. You can’t confuse nor miscommunicate “silence!” If your silence causes you to be terminated, that means you are one step closer to millionaire success and they’re openly demonstrating their weakness in showing how strong you are mentally.

If you have to ignore your boss for peace sake, do what you have to do keep moving forward on the job faithfully by doing the transformation work. Stay humble in striving maintain neutral and healthy relationships with your coworkers and boss even if it means “ignoring.”


5. Don’t ever rely on retiring from your job – The old-school mentality before the Internet emerged or public use was get a job working for a company and be a faithful servant for the next 20 to 40 years. In today’s age of information technology, that mindset is virtually obsolete. Retiring from your job today will potentially put you in a bracket to retire on possibly 20 to 30% of what earned annually during your career. How would you feel if you busted your behind and mind working for a company for the last 20, 30, or possibly even 40 years retiring on half of what you earned during your employment? You’d really feel some kind of way, wouldn’t you? Especially if your acting boss or manager is consistently sending you home early from your job for no reason.

The best way to defeat that is to start your own business and getting Internet side hustle going while thinking positive and doing the transformation business work. You can overcome an acting manager sending you home early from work and you can overcome retiring from your job on a can of beans by starting a business on the Internet with a positive mindset they you can financially prosper. Never allow anyone to make you feel that you can’t do better through their adverse actions of sending you home early from your job for no reason or making you retire when a can of beans.

While this post is originally written with the intent on inspiring people to quit their day jobs and think positive believing in their ability to prosper in entrepreneurship, you also have to take into account that in some cases, you need to keep a job in the moment so you can keep your bills paid and a roof over your head. It’s a judgment call to make that leap of faith from employee to entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. Truth is, you will fail times over starting out and trying to run your own business.

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  1. Being sent home is a wonderful thing. The employer is the one that loses out on the future millions the targeted employee could’ve made for the company. And they also fail to acknowledge that The LORD will get vengeance on those who do HIS children wrong and repay them.

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