#PositiveThinkingYearRound: Maintain your cool in the workplace

There are people in your workplace who secretly chatter about your future employment termination. They say things in direct out in the air such as “give it some time they’ll be gone soon,” and other small talk. Don’t pay attention to the naysayers even if they have a college degree in sociology – psychology. You worry about fine-tuning yourself for Spiritual Excellence by doing the transformation spiritual work and moving forward in humility ignoring those who contemplate against your life progress.


It doesn’t matter if a person has a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or even a PhD. If they secretly wish bad upon you or contemplate against your progress as an employee and as someone who’s striving to make a positive difference in the lives of others and in the world today, those people who contemplate against you are only hurting themselves spiritually. With that said, if they’re focusing too hard on messing you up, that means you’re doing something right. If they always have to indirectly knit picot you, that means the Lord Jesus Christ who is God and God alone has a special blessing waiting for you. Don’t mess yourself up by giving the naysayers a reaction. The best reaction is no reaction and maintaining your cool in the workplace by remaining calm and Collective before co-workers, your employer, and your employers bosses. That’s true transformation of the heart.


Are you going through something on the job right now we’re as you feel people are plotting on trying to get you fired because you are considered a peculiar person? If you’re going through something like that right now it can possibly be because the Lord Jesus Christ has his special mark possibly on you. Don’t be discouraged in life by the negative actions of others when they show you the hateful side of them. They can hold their face before people and try to play cool but their true selves comes out behind the scenes which can’t be hidden from God nor can it be hidden from the Lord on the day of Pentecost. You just worry about moving forward with your life and improving yourself where you see yourself coming up short. They have to respect you regardless because you’re not feeding into their nonsense. If you have to ignore them, just ignore them and stay humble while keeping your words very few.

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