#ThinkPositive: Don’t Go to Bed Bitter Because How People Treat You

If you go to bed at night worrying about how people will continue to treat you adversely, you’ll virtually lose your mind.  You don’t want to go to bed dwelling on how this person or that person treated you today or in the past.  Let that mess go. Don’t allow people to rent space in your head because that’s exactly what they want to do. Do the transformation work and think positive even before you close your eyes for the night.


Positive thinking before bedtime has a unique way of helping you sleep better at night and waking up refreshed in the morning. If you go to bed thinking positive and you wake up with a positive attitude in the morning, not only will it help you be more productive in the workplace and more positive towards everyone,  but it may also help you make more money as a side hustle entrepreneur. This is why positive thinkers and up making more money as entrepreneurs because they learn how to use that negative energy from others who their positive entrepreneurial advantage, and use negative energy to potentially become millionaires.


Don’t let someone’s bag treatment toward you bring you down. Be a true transformation champion for life and overcome them with a heart of humility, a positive outlook on life, and continually smiling when people contemplate against you. That’s true transformation of the heart.

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