#WeightLoss: Do this when your employer gets on your nerves

Don’t eat gratify gluten-free potato chips. Don’t eat raw salmon. Don’t drink Ciroc liquor. Don’t drink any kind of alcohol. Cut red meat consumption. Cut down on eating beef and pork. Consume more Seafood. Minimize bread. Don’t eat or drink 3 hours before bedtime. Spread your meals 3 hours apart. Most importantly, do cardio in the morning on an empty stomach before starting your work day and wait one hour after doing cardio to consume breakfast or a whey protein shake.


When you change your way of thinking and your habits where’s your increasing exercise and doing more cardio while your narcissist employer is getting under your skin, you’re making healthy changes and losing weight before their very eyes. You may work for an evil employer who may indirectly in subliminally smear You by saying things pertaining to your fat or you need to lose weight. Take that as indirect motivation besides employer to employee harassment. Any employer who harasses an employee because of religious or health reasons is less of a human being. They hold no spiritual value. When an employer says things about your weight, humble yourself and get very quiet. If you must answer something they say to you, make sure to job-related. If they take shots at you verbally about you being overweight, ignore them and keep motivated to losing weight by eating right and doing cardio on the treadmill in the gym or on your home treadmill.


Additionally, you can also use negative motivation from your employer to start a business and become a future side hustle millionaire by taking up entrepreneurship in your spare time. Starting your own business while working for an Unfaithful employer is a good move. Especially when they keep saying things subliminally to put you down. They don’t feel good about themselves and their manifesting what’s in their heart toward you. Stay Inspire to lose weight while they continue slurring you verbally. And whatever you do, don’t give up in your journey to be the true example of transformation.

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