A Good Thing to Know About Being in the #LandOfTheLiving

#LiveLife without #regret. Your #past & #shortcomings don't #define you. A #BrightFuture lies #ahead. #Life is not over for you. Do the #transformation #work & #StartOver in faith.
As long as you have the breath of life to wake up each day, you have the blessed opportunity to begin again and strive for excellence to make healthy changes and continue the journey of transformation. Stop looking at yesterday. Stop looking at yesteryear. What happened 10 years ago. 20, 30 or even 40 years ago and wondering “what if.” Look ahead to the future. You’re not living just to be living. Your life has purpose. With that said, stop walking around feeling dormant and unfaithful. Pick your head up. You are somebody. Now that you read this, how do you plan on turning setbacks into the biggest and most blessed comeback of your life?

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