Always increase positive thinking when odds are stacked against you

Quitting is not an option when challenges arise in your life. Failure is not an option. no one gets through the uncertain game called life without going through trials and tribulations.


When employers set you up for wrongful termination, fake friends only contact you when they find out who became a side hustle millionaire, and hypocrite family members who played two face before people only reach out to you when they think they can get something out of you, always know in the back of your mind that your self-worth is priceless. Stop worrying about you. Stop worrying about how people look at you. Do your own business. When challenges arise in your life, that’s not the time to start feeling depressed because people turn on you and walk away. You’re a peculiar person and don’t fit in with the world. And though you may not even fit in with your own flesh and blood family, that could be a blessing in disguise. Forget them and keep moving forward with positive thinking and striving for excellence by getting organized across the bored.


People turning on you is something you should be glad about because it helps you to examine yourself thoroughly to see how you can make spiritual and entrepreneurial and financial improvements across the board. Cheer up. It’s not the end of the world because people showed you their dark side.

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