Be thankful your former employer screwed you over

Have you ever felt mistreated or neglected by your employer or former employer? Most Americans would arguably agree yes. Most employers mystery targeted employees under the table and try to avoid being on radar. They don’t want their careers jeopardized while they jeopardize the career of a targeted employee for termination.


If your former employer or current employer has it out for you to be secretly terminated and has a personal Vendetta against you, be thankful. They made you a future side hustle millionaire without their knowledge. They may sit back for the moment and gloat and laughter how they got you fired and how nothing happened to them. Little do they know someone knows. The ONE that knows is the one they can’t hide anything from.


Your former employer who sought you out for termination gave you a subliminal push to prosper in entrepreneurship. They helped you become a future millionaire and helped you indirectly in your iourney to inherit millions of dollars without a return on their investment of getting you wrongfully terminated. When they see you out and about on the town with that brand new car and wonder where you got the money from to drive and on the new vehicle, you can look at them and smile without ordering one word with your left foot out the driver’s window and ignore them when they try to speak. Thank you for my employer in the back of your mind from making you richer than rich.

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