#Friday: The Best Day of the Week

Before walking in to work today and dealing with a challenging employer who probably doesn’t like you, be mindful to pray first thing in the morning upon awakening. Prayer starts your day on the right foot. After prayer, get a nice shower and head to the gym early to do morning exercise and post-workout cardio. Take your vitamins if needed before any kind of morning fitness or cardiovascular regimen.


Believe that you’ll have a good day on the job today and your employer won’t get under your skin, even if they put their dearest foot ward to try and aggravate you. Take low by saying nothing if your boss wants to spew ugly things out of their mouth. Remember, it’s just a spiritual test to see what you’re made of. Whatever is said or done to you today by your employer, deal with it, smile, stay faithful, look to the future, build your million dollar side hustle on the side outside your daytime employment, and believe you’re a near future “side hustle millionaire.”


Enjoy the journey. Happy payday Friday!

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