#BorderSecurity and #GovernmentJobs Doesn’t Help #GovernmentEmployees #ThinkPositive

it’s a sad thing to know the president of the United States is allegedly holding the entire country hostage and withholding funds from government employees because of a government shutdown. People need to pay their bills. It’s hard to think positive while the nonsense in Washington is going on. However, though it may cloud your train of thought for the moment and you’re struggling with feelings of negativity, you can remain positive in your train of thought knowing this might be your time to start your own business online. People are resorting to starting their own businesses by working from home with blogging and Internet marketing as a means of making an employee to entrepreneur transformation. No one wants to work for a government agency, corporation, whether public or private for 20, 30, or even 40 years and have their future and pension jeopardized because of what someone in authority thinks or does to jeopardize the financial well-being of almost everyone. Despite the nonsense going on right now in Washington, you can start an online side hustle with blogging and Internet marketing and slowly work your way up to earning a full-time income on the Internet and possibly make money online 24 hours a day. It won’t be easy in the beginning because you have to change your way of thinking and get out of the employee mindset. If you’re one of the employees in Washington who works for the federal government that got furloughed, start performing searches in your favorite search engine right now for things like “affiliate marketing,” make money blogging,” “blogging and affiliate marketing,”and other search terms such as “join high-paying reputable affiliate networks.” The Internet is driven by lots and lots of content and as long as you create quality content for your blog on a daily basis and engage your readers, you increase your potential of possibly making money online 24 hours a day which will possibly put you back in a positive state of mind. Don’t let the actions of the president of the United States bring you down and leave you heavily in debt and make you feel as if you’re less of a person. You are what you think. Think positive despite the president’s nonsense and consider starting your own online business today “with no delay.” It’s time to strive for excellence and “get organized!”

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