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Humble yourself. Doing so leaves them mentally baffled. By humbling yourself, you’re not defeated. In most cases, it’s best to be quite than to argue. Choosing not to argue and being quiet demonstrates self-control and control over the situation yearning to brew into something bigger. Quash a narcissist by staying steadfast to humility. The best reaction is no reaction. This leaves them wondering what your next move will be, while the narcissist is “already figured out.”

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Use the negative energy to fuel your creativity and build yourself in unimaginable ways from the ground floor up. People never know a good thing they had until it’s gone. Lastly, the more a narcissist continually pesters and tries to bully some people, little do they know they’re handing their power over to their supposed victim and making them stronger. That’s the hard line truth. The truth hurts but it’ll set you free.

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