From #NothingtoSomething: #JudgeGregMathis Talks ‘Tough Love and Volunteering’

Regardless what happens in your life adversely, continue to do the transformation work in your heart and allow “The Lord Jesus Christ” to use you for HIS will and glory.

You know him from the court TV show. That’s right. Drewry News Network is talking directly about Judge Greg Mathis. He’s an inspiring judge and an everyday person who overcame many adversities. Early in life, he was a gang member and had brushes with the law. He’s been arrested in his youth. He understands the legal adversities a person has to face before and in the aftermath of encountering the law. After making a promise to his mother that he would change his life for the better before her death, he followed through with his promise and continues to this very day “doing the transformation work at full strength.”

He not only got himself together legally, spiritually and emotionally, but also accomplished transformation excellence on an educational level. After receiving his g.e.d., he went to college and received his Bachelor’s degree, followed by a “Law degree.” Is that inspiration or desperation? There’s no doubt Judge Greg Mathis is a “transformation inspiration” to the entire world, including the founder of this site. He wasn’t fazed by any employer rejecting him because he knew his worth and still pursued excellence despite strikes against him. If your employer has rejected you for any reason or set you up for wrongful termination, the best revenge you can get on them in seeking Jesus Christ for your soul salvation, moving forward, achieving higher educational excellence, and starting your side hustle business with the intention of becoming a future “side hustle millionaire.”


‘He Did The Transformation Work’

Drewry has a great respect for Judge Greg Mathis. Even after receiving his Law degree, he faced adversity in striving for excellence to get appointed as a judge. Judge Greg Mathis continued doing the transformation work at full strength, kept humility at bay in his heart, and never lost focus of his long-term vision of accomplishing the goal of completely changing his life. Though he faced climbing obstacles before him, he continued to be a true “transformation champion” and not let any roadblocks stop him from accomplishing his goals.

Though the adversities he faced tried to hinder his vision, he continued to make healthy changes in his legal, spiritual and physical transformation, additionally to accomplishing transformation excellence in getting his education. Because so, he achieved his objectives and then some. Truly, Judge Mathis has earned every ounce of respect he righteously worked hard for.


‘Giving Back to Community’

Everyone has humble beginnings. The founder of the site does and is no better than anyone. Judge Greg Mathis not only accomplished the objectives he set out to achieve, but, he also never forgot where he came from. Judge Mathis gave back to his community. He continues to do the transformation work in his heart, accomplishing all he set out to do tirelessly, even after his mother’s death.

He completely turned his life around and continues to encourage others to change their lives, contributing to the community unselfishly. Drewry News Network admires the hard work and genuine changes Judge Mathis made. He is truly a transformation champion to be honored for lifetime.


‘Never Surrender’

Drewry congratulates, respects and salutes Judge Greg Mathis for never throwing in the towel. It really takes having a lot of determination and humility in a person in order to achieve that level of greatness. Judge Mathis is a respectable example of transformation excellence and direct encouragement to anyone that they can positively change their lives for the better and do great things, if they change their way of thinking, remain positive, “do the transformation work nonstop” and get organized in striving for excellence for the rest of their lives.

Judge Mathis lives his life as an honorable example that if you do not quit and refuse to bow down to adversity, you can too achieve transformation greatness if you stay the course and remain faithful. Thank you Judge Mathis for inspiring people from all walks of life to live their lives at their fullest positive potential.

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