#WorkplaceConduct: Choosing Your Words When Communicating With Your Employer or #HumanResources


When you feel your narcissist employer is setting you up for wrongful termination, always know GOD gets the last word and say on everything. When they think they got away with corporate highway robbery by taking away your job, The LORD Jesus Christ who is GOD already knew ahead of time. Every knee has to bow in judgment and GOD knows every fine detail of everyone’s life and things they did in secret. There are no secrets GOD doesn’t already know. And if you think you can do someone wrong and get away with it because human authorities fail to act, guess again. GOD got you whether you like it or not. And there’s nothing you can do to escape The LORD Jesus!


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When you have to write a message or request anything from Human Resources, corporate headquarters, or send e-mails, it’s a good ploy to be as short and to the point as possible. Especially if you feel you’re a target for wrongful termination by your money hungry, greedy narcissist employer. Little do they know the one they throw away is the one they made a future “side hustle millionaire,” by inspiring the terminated employee to creatively improvise and use their back up plan to replenish temporarily suppressed finances.


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The following message below is another sample of how to be short and to the point with Human Resources when requesting something from them:


(You can use this section to document the company name, employer’s name or Human Resources generalist, and address of company headquarters)


“January 1, 2020 (sample)


Greetings (name goes here),


I’m writing you today in regard to the updated workplace policy boss arrogantly presented to me today at so and so time. with a co-worker who acts as an acting manager standing between the service desk and between the break room entrance watching everything. Last (day of the week goes here) on so and so day in boss’s office after high noon., we had a discussion concerning this form you and boss requested me to sign. In turn, I requested of you to provide me a copy of the original workplace policy I signed which you said you would contact corporate headquarters to shuttle this information to me. Boss demanded today on so and so date that I have the form signed and back to her on so and so day on such and such date.


I still haven’t received a copy of the original workplace policy form I signed from you yet. Would you please fax this form? I don’t see how I’ll be able to return the new form to boss by so and so day as I haven’t been able to have the two forms observed yet. My question is, being that I’ve already signed the original form and if they’re both the same form, why am I required to sign a second one now? Looking forward to hearing from you sometime on such and such day. As soon as I have someone go over both forms with me, I can then move forward to get back to boss. Thank you.”


Sample #2…


On (date and year goes here)  my boss arrogantly presented me for the second time with a form to sign like a narcissist employer would. Boss originally presented me with this paper to sign almost 2 weeks ago before I had a discussion with (persons name here). The Human Resources generalist manager and I on (month, day and year) a little after 12 pm. Human resources generalist and I discussed this form in boss’s office.


I made it clear during our conversation in boss’s office between human resources generalist and I that I needed someone to look over this paper for me. Additionally, I also requested that the human resources generalist provide me a copy of the original workplace policy form that I signed in the beginning of my employment with your company. The human resources person agreed on (date and year) during our conversation after 12 p.m. that they would contact corporate headquarters is located to get me a copy of the original workplace policy form I signed.


On (day and year and month), boss approached me with the updated workplace policy form to sign at close to 4 p.m. I had received no copy of the original workplace policy form I signed from the human resources generalist as of yet. I emailed the human resources generalist last night in regard to why the original copy of the workplace policy form hasn’t been provided to me. I have provided them a fax number in the body of the email to for them to fax the form to.


I am providing you a copy of the updated workplace policy form boss is pressuring me to sign and have back to her by no later than (month, day, and year). I asked the human resources generalist last week on such and such day if I may take the workplace policy form home and have someone look it over for me.


They’re not allowing me time to have someone look it over for me, as boss is pressuring and demanding I have this paper back to them signed on such and such day and date. There are many things in this form I do not understand.


I still have not had time to have someone else look this over for me that can give me a clearer understanding of what the form is saying. Being as the company acknowledges that I have already signed the form at the time of my employment, I’m questioning why a second signing is needed and if the verbiage has been changed.That’s the reason I need time to compare the original form verbiage with the second form verbiage. Thank you for your time.”



“Sample #3….


corporate documentation for month of (month, day, and year go here)


452 pm newbblk emp walks in introduced to me.


412 pm Deputy acting manager and 2nd acting manager on duty discuss in front of me while I’m working at the business service desk behind my back about “bringing guns to work tomorrow.”


130-140 pm Deputy acting manager talks about cleaning bathrooms


145 Deputy acting manager tells lower level acting manager they told me about “cleaning bathrooms.”


536 talking with.new black employee about harassment and workplace violence.


551 p.m. Deputy acting manager working with customer refunding 1679.99


5:57 p.m. – Lower level acting manager (young whipper snapper fresh out of college and knows nothing about life) is quick to rush me out as I had three minutes left to go in till 6 p.m. came around. I was having light conversation with the new black employee whose name I forgot. The black new employee formerly worked at (name of job goes here). Around 5:57 p.m. was when lower level acting manager rushed over to the service desk to tell me go ahead and clock out early because he saw the new young black employee and I are talking. I feel that lower level acting manager didn’t want me talking with him and immediately urged me to go ahead and sign out. I ended up finishing the last call around 6:10 p.m. and clocked out at 6:13 p.m.


In the beginning and throughout my employment, lower level acting manager, who is the acting lead manager was always urging me on Saturday evenings to clock out early and go home. I felt pressured by this person doing that though I never said anything. I refused to argue with someone younger than I and give them power over me. Lower level acting manager and I never had one argument during my employment. But yet, this person steadily does things in a very sneaky way without saying one word to you, and does things in a way that can’t be proven, just like sneaky boss who got me wrongfully terminated.”



Sample #4…


“Today, I received an envelope in the mail. Inside the envelope was a check in the gross amount of ____. I request this to be investigated as I feel _____ wrongfully stole money from me. The employer awarded me a bonus for doing an outstanding job for them and netting the company over $100k in sales in under 1 year as an employee.   Please see attached a copy of the check.

They humiliated me on the paper statement before the perforation line under “distribution information,” stating” “TERMINATION – FORCEOUT.” The narcissist employer who set me up for termination didn’t terminate me on that date. If they did, how come I didn’t get a paycheck? I was officially terminated by Human Resources generalist on (so and so day date and year).  I went online only to create my username and password and NEVER requested anything. I feel this is the wicked deeds of the boss who secretly got me terminated due to a personal vendetta they had against me during my employment for claiming religion on the job and their distaste for me afterwards. They asked me why I couldn’t work on Sundays and I gave them an honest answer.

Due to my wrongful termination, I can’t use them on my employment resume as a reference to further my employment. They allegedly continue trying to do what they can in their power to not only spew wrongful and untrue things against my character, but also steal money from me. The day before I was wrongfully terminated, I successfully did my job by making a sale in the amount of $4,052.96 in under 45 to 1hr. minutes after clocking in. On the day I was fired and humiliated in front of customers and a co-worker who set me up (the day I was wrongfully terminated by H.R. generalist), I sold again in the amount of $1,229.03, when I was rudely interrupted by the human resources generalist while doing my job.


Boss’s “craftiness” has their name all over my wrongful termination. Boss set me up and allegedly used other employees and the human resources generalist to cover their tracks.  I was also terminated for being a whistleblower and reporting my co-worker via email and having the nerve to speak up and ask if I was “getting fired.”


I hope you will thoroughly investigate the crooked company and see them for who they are and their shenanigans. Boss and associated crooks continue doing dirt and sweeping things under the rug thinking they can get away time and time again. Boss needs to have labor laws enforced on them on the “Federal level.”


Please investigate why my money was taken from my account. Maybe there’s something I don’t understand. Lastly, I don’t want this happening to other employees in the future, as I felt I had no choice but to bring this matter to light concerning the dirty deeds of this shiesty company.”


These are some of many ways to be cordial, respectful, and in compliance when conveying information directly to someone in authority or over the internet. You have to be mindful of the words and order of words you choose because it’s quite easy to have something taken out of context. With that said, as long as you keep your messages clear and concise and short, you won’t be misunderstood.


Check back regularly for content on how to properly document your employer and ways to deal with workplace harassment from your employer, human resources generalist, and co-worker (s).


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