#SideHustleMillionaire: Be Clear and Concise Documenting Every Negative Action of Your #Employer

When your employer thinks they have you backed in a corner and getting the drop on you for wrongful termination, GOD already knew it was going to happen. And your employer, believe it or not, has to stand before GOD and everyone else they used to conspire against you for termination. They all have to stand before the LORD Jesus Christ in judgment on the day of Pentecost. They have to give an account to GOD for their deeds if they like it or not. No one is getting away from The LORD. HE already knows everything ahead of time.

Proper documentation of your employer’s wrongful actions is crucial to cover yourself as an employee wrongfully terminated. If you didn’t think in the moment of documenting your employer at the specific date and time of the occurrence, do your best to document their actions by having a pan in your pocket with a small piece of paper and writing down things immediately after they happen or shortly after the occurrence. Additionally, you can use your smartphone to document your employer’s wrongful actions by using the speech recognition function and speaking the occurrence into your phone into a blank document and saving it on your smartphone to print out later.


Documenting your employer covers you from being further accused of things you didn’t do. It’s important to document what your employer does and says to you, especially if you feel they have a personal vendetta against you for whatever reason. Definitely record the exact date and time of any wrongful occurrence on your employer’s behalf if they threaten you saying anything you feel might be harmful towards yourself or your career. If you have to take matters to court, you’ll have the exact documentation recorded with the specific dates and times and what they said for beta.


The following below is a (sample) of things to submit for investigation so you can out write expose your employer or former employer for how they mistreated you…


 last-minute notes …


This documentation serves as the last minute in my dispute case against (_____________________) It honestly didn’t dawn on me to document dates and times of two allegations against acting manager (________).


This allegation goes back to shortly after I began my employment.. Though I don’t have a documented date and exact time for this allegation, there was a time when ____ was starting to ____. I don’t understand where that came from. I played cool at the time after they said it and acted as if it fell on deaf ears because I was the new kid on the block as a new hire and didn’t want to cast myself in a negative image by giving them a response. I ignored it and continued doing my job.


Shortly down the road in my employment, my boss “mildly threatened me.” Once again, it didn’t dawn on me to document anything and record dates and times when certain people like my boss and acting manager said things to me under the table. One day while sitting at the business service desk on the left side doing my job, my boss was standing behind the business service desk on my right side while I was seated on the left side behind the service desk having some sort of conversation “I honestly don’t recall what the conversation was about” with a part-time employee. With details of the conversation being within close listening range, I wasn’t listening to what they said. With the part-time employee standing on the customer side of the business service desk and the boss standing on the inside of the business service desk, the boss turns their head and looks at me after conversing with the part-time employee and says “If you ever tell on me…….” I responded to the boss by staring them in the eye and saying “do I look like a snitch to you?” I believe they allegedly said something in so many words like “oh ok, or better not.” I honestly can’t recall.


Things to know about the boss: They say and do things to employees they target for termination in a way that’s hard to prove. Whenever the boss had a slur they wanted to throw at me, they would say in passing. This is another occurrence the boss said something to me in passing without saying my name that’s hard to prove. I was sitting at the service desk on the left side one day doing my job as usual when the boss brought up a conversation about living conditions. I already let the boss know that they’re not getting the reaction out of me they are looking for after the boss claims they “went to bat for me and got me a $.25 raise,” after making the company over $100,000 in revenue in roughly 9 months. They were having this conversation in front of me harassing me indirectly while I continue doing my job.


Acting manager – This was another time I honestly did not think of writing anything down in recording dates and times. I only remember so many words they said to me. I was taking a lunch break one day and at the time, we were having a clearance sale. Clearance sale signs were posted in many places.


Long story short… the acting manager said to me twice before I went to lunch that day (and they knew I would be clocked out for lunch and unpaid), before coming back to work, they wanted me to pick up as many clearance signs as possible and bring them in on the way back from lunch (unpaid). The acting manager on duty at the time mentioned to me in so many words that “if I end up coming back from lunch late, they will put a note in the system for the boss explaining to boss why I was back from lunch so late.”  


They definitely said they will “put a note in the system for boss.” Those are the acting manager’s exact words. The acting manager at the time mentioned this to me twice looking me in my eye. I knew in my heart they were propositioning me for free labor as I was playing cool at the time to keep my job. I didn’t pick up any signs on my lunch break nor bring any signs in before clocking in. I got back from lunch, clocked in, then went back and picked up the signs where I saw them and brought him into the store while on the clock. The acting manager on duty at the etime propositioned me for free labor and they knew the acting manager broke the law by asking me to work for free. Corporate slavery is still in full effect!


Acting manager – Everytime I would mention GOD and say “Thank YOU LORD Jesus,” the acting manager on duty at the time would say “Noooooooo.” I would respond and say “Yessssssss.” This was continuous back and forth for a good while because the acting manager and boss are against GOD and everytime I would mention GOD and not working Sundays, they would get mad and try to find ways such as having indirect conversations or using me for free labor, or pitting other employees against me as a means of covering up their purpose of getting me terminated.


Boss – At one time, boss was supportive of Donald Trump when he was running for president. The day Trump campaigned in Washington, boss wasn’t at work. Boss was mentioning his name “the Donald.” Everyone suspected boss went to Washington. Then, boss later flip flops, turns around and says “Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions needs to go to jail.” The moment I spoke about something political behind the service desk, boss was quick to let me know and get close to my face that “we don’t discuss politics in the workplace.” I was supposed to say “but what about what you said a while back about Trump and Sessions should go to jail?” I never mentioned it to boss about boss saying that about Trump or Sessions, and kept doing my job after boss said “no political discussions on the floor.”


Boss mildly physically touched my side while in passing in early part of the year. I don’t recall the exact date and time , but I was standing over near the right kiosk in the store when boss was walking by me, briefly and lightly touched my side, and told me to “move.” Boss did so arrogantly as if I was their slave. I didn’t think of reporting it at the time because I know for sure I would’ve lost my job and knowing HR would possibly do nothing to them. Boss once referred to me indirectly as a yes man while in passing. Boss comes from a rich family that once ran TV ads all over New York City in the late 70’s and early 1980’s. Boss denies that the ads from the past with their name has no relevance to her. These ads were running back in the 70’s & 80’s when “insane Crazy Eddie” was at its prime.


Summer (year) – Boss and acting manager took me to the back for a conversation. Long story short….after I respectfully told boss that they was wrong for not giving me a due pay raise and blurting my personal information out in the open for other employees to hear an employee was nearby to listen to everything about a pay raise (boss once threw the calculator at me in front of this employee), acting manager interjected in the conversation and urged me to “quit my job.” Acting manager says “Why don’t you just quit?” They knew what they were saying to me was wrong and by urging me to quit my job, it was a clear and concise message that they’re outwardly harassing and pressuring me to walk off the job. I told them no and let boss know GOD is watching how they’re treating me. Boss had something ignorant to say afterwards, but I don’t honestly recall what boss said.


Winter (year) – Boss was scheduled to come to work starting at 9 AM. I came to work dressed with a suit jacket. A thought went off in my mind for some odd reason that boss would allegedly come walking in the door at 4:45 PM as I was scheduled to work until 6 PM. Lo and behold, boss comes in the door checking in for work exactly at 4:45 PM. Acting manager is about to clock out when acting manager comes walking out from the break room towards me while I’m seated behind the business service desk on the left side, briefly kneels down toward the left side of my chest as if they was speaking to the left side of my suit jacket, and mumbles in a low tone of voice “hi __________.”


Acting manager knew I was getting fired the next day which and allegedly wanted to see if they could get a reaction out of me the day before termination. On (day and year), I earned the company almost $ 00,000.00.On (day and year), I earned the company another $00,000.00. Boss clocked in for work, went to the break room, and ate a bagel with raw salmon and cream cheese and had very little to say to me until I clocked out from my shift. Boss did not show up for work on (day and year) because boss set me up for termination and didn’t want to be there when things were going down between the human resources generalist and I. Earlier the week of (day and year), boss called me on the phone from their personal cell phone urging me to sign the contract and put this issue to bed and nip it in the bud. I let boss know on the phone that we will discuss this matter when boss arrives. When boss arrives, boss was silent and we never conversed about it because boss already set me up to get wrongfully terminated the next day. This was because boss already had it made up in their mind that even though what they’re doing was wrong, they’re going to get me fired and that’s that. Or have me sign the contract and find a way to plant something in my vehicle so they can call the cops and say I brought a gun to work. This is all boss’s wicked deeds, all because I claimed religion and opposed to working Sundays from the very beginning of my employment. Boss let me know in so many words they’re against GOD by saying “HE ain’t done nothing for me.”


(Winter) – Boss, acting manager, desperate wannabe full-time employee and sellout, and human resources generalist are all allegedly flabbergasted and outraged that I didn’t do something stupid to get myself arrested on the day of termination. They lost and I successfully slipped out their hands!


Boss was hoping I would do something so the human resources generalist would call the cops and hear that I was arrested as boss didn’t show up for work as scheduled. They’ve been trying ploy after ploy to see what works with me and nothing did. As a last minute desperate resort on their behalf, I received an email titled “admin admin,” from email address (email address goes here) after I was wrongfully let go. I feel this is an attempt to entice me to open the e-mail and try to login to the corporate cms system. I “never” requested a password change from their system. This is their way of tempting me to login to their system after termination as a way of saying I’m fraudulently logging in after being fired and log my IP address, so they can build a case against me in court. I never opened the email and still have it saved if investigators would like to see. Please see attached on the stapled page proof that (corporate name goes here) sent this fraud email to me trying to make it look like I requested a password change, when in fact I didn’t.



The things I attest to you concerning the wrongful actions of boss, acting manager, desperate part-time employee trying to be full-time, and human resources generalist are true. I feel had I not mentioned my beliefs when they indirectly asked me so many words by asking me why can’t I work on Sundays, I feel none of this would’ve happened. They showed their true character to me on the table during my time of employment.


I hope you will discover the truth and the absolute truth about the wicked deeds of that wicked corporation, so others applying for employment in the future will know what they’re getting themselves into. Boss has robbed of opportunity for advancement with the company and a rightful pay raise. I earned the company over $000,000,000.00 during my time there and only received a light raise. Yes, a measly few cents. Boss used others as a smokescreen to cover up their personal agenda of getting me out of the company.


GOD doesn’t like ugly hearts nor wicked deeds. There’s a few more things boss did, but I’ll leave it out because it’s too long and difficult to prove. Only GOD knows everything boss did to me.



This is another classic example of documentation if in the event you have to fine detail everything happening wrongfully to you on the job. In today’s era of employment uncertainty, it’s always a wise idea to start a side hustle with a part time or full time day job. Reason being is because when poop hits the fan and you’re out of a job, you have a side hustle business project to fall back on, even if you don’t plan on returning to the workforce after being wrongfully terminated. In fact, being setup for termination by your boss is a blessing in disguise. They made you a future “side hustle millionaire” without their knowledge. That’s right. They afforded you time to work on building your business you’re passionate about and gave you enough mental ammunition to defeat them at their own game. So when they think they made you mad and angry enough to do something to get arrested, fool them by doing nothing and getting glad it happened. You’re a near future [side hustle millionaire] and still blessed. That’s enough to give thanks to The LORD Jesus for! 🙂

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