The LORD knows all your secretsGOD knows all the skeletons in your closet. You’ve been at your shenanigans for years. You’ve been doing this all your life as a career doing people wrong. When you think you can sweep every instance of your filth under the rug, guess what? You can’t eat salad and lose weight to hide your skeletons. You can’t manage an adult day care to hide what you’ve done.  The adult day care you run is full of dirty dirty, starring you. And GOD knows everything. You can’t lie to HIM either. You can’t set HIM up for termination. In fact, you can’t do one thing in retaliation to The LORD Jesus Christ, who is GOD and GOD alone.


You said HE ain’t done nothing for you? Guess what? You lied on GOD.


Let that marinate…

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