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Always put God 1st.


You’ll never fail.


Thinking outside the box in beating the odds requires consulting with Jesus, taking a humble approach to mental diversification in overcoming adversity, and knowing how to virtually smile, sitting down and dining with those who oppose you and enjoying your meal.


Some of us, even the founder, has put the “carriage before the horse” in the past and has miserably failed. We assumed in the past we could do things on our own. and be ok.  Truth is, we can’t.


A humble approach to things is always a good start in overcoming the woes of life.  Think positive always when striving to transform your mindset. Whether you’re seeking to make healthy spiritual changes out of inspiration or desperation, never grow weary to begin again in life at any age.  Be encouraged and continue to go the extra mile in making healthy changes across the board. Lift others up along the way so you stay blessed. That’s true transformation of the heart.


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