Motivation to Prosper is Something to Thank #Narcissists For

Giving GOD the praise first in the midst of life’s awesome challenges is always the right thing to do, even if you’re still pressing on in faith while doing the transformation work.

#adversity can be beaten through #positivethinking

If a person never experiences adversity, they’ll never realize their true positive potential. Are you listening? Are you getting what I’m trying to tell you? Am I right?


When you look at the big picture, you have to thank a narcissist for serving their purpose in your life. They did their job to their ability the time. Narcissists are allowed to have an impact in certain people’s lives for spiritual and entrepreneurial reasons. They inspire the individuals they’ve affected to have a new way of thinking. It’s the sink or swim mindset. If you’re affected by a narcissist whether it be a family member, phony friend, or whoever, would you let it affect you to the point of laying down in defeat? Or would you pick yourself up and stay positive in your thinking and find a way to prosper while giving thanks to GOD first and foremost for giving you the strength to press on in the midst of adversity?


What might be a negative in the moment from a narcissist is allegedly a subliminal positive in disguise. You can’t gain anything good unless you go through something bad. As the saying goes…GOD will turn it around….GOD will turn it around. What the devil meant for evil, GOD will make it good. He will turn it around, turn it around, turn it around. Amen.

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