#OvercomingAdversity: Who the Real #Narcissist Is – You or Them?

#positivethinking helps lift others up to #feelhappy and #thinkhappy

Narcissists are males and females who go back to the past by getting back with their ex boyfriends or ex girlfriends and leaving the one that truly values them. The narcissist female also lies to the one she’s dating by saying things such as she’s home in the bed sleep when she’s actually not. Let us not forget a narcissist is not only an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, but a narcissist can also be your employer.

He or she who has a narcissistic attitude and evil spiritual mindset maybe out to get your job and use others as a smokescreen game to make a situation out of no situation and make it seem as if you’re the problem on the job when it in actuality you’re not. Narcissist or spiritually and emotionally insecure and they prove it through their narcissistic attitudes. They’re the ones that end up losing when their skeletons in the closet get exposed.

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