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The beauty of change in our life helps us to mature, and also allow God to do his wonderful work in us. The beauty of change is that as long as we not pass judgment on each other and look past flaws, we can continually help one another forge ahead, despite our awesome life challenges. last but not least, the beauty of making changes is that as long as we continue to exercise, eat healthy on a regular basis and do our cardio, we will be positive, accomplish positive endeavors, and continue to be blessed by Christ with robust opportunity, when least expected. Change is coming for you.

Have #faith when #trouble arises in your #life

With change comes spiritual responsibility. Spiritual responsibility entails sustaining a positive rapport with others, as well as an honorable character, while keeping a lid on self-restraint. In life, we experience growth for the good of ourselves in such unique ways.

Life presents us with opportunity in many fashions. Many experience it in timing, adversity, or some kind of other special way. Opportunity is not always about business and making money. Opportunity consists of mentally dealing with getting over a hurdle, how to perform a task more efficiently, and so forth. And, always know that adversity inverted =’s opportunity.

How did you deal with the worst situation experienced in your life? Did you lose your cool, do or say something you’ll regret, or never feel forgiveness towards others or the person who you felt did you wrong? Believe it or not, how we react to challenges we face determines the opportunity we gain spiritually.

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