#PositiveThinking: Thought of The Day

“Profit from experience is more than tangible gain.” – Drewry

What have you learned in life? How has adversity inspired you to change your way of thinking? Can you see the good in a bad situation and profit from it?

Profit is, in this case, not joined to financial gain.

Profit is what you gain mentally, spiritually, and emotionally that makes you a better sound thinker, mostly on a spiritual level.

You can defeat authority, corporate management, and even some arrogant wealthy by the way you think, regardless of your current financial state. Money is not everything to life. Profit is how you can also turn a negative into a positive by your thinking. This is why it’s crucial when going through turbulence with people and their negative antics to remain a positive thinker, do the transformation work out of inspiration or desperation, give them no reaction, and keep moving forward by operating in faith at full strength. They sit back quietly and watch you grow. Then once you achieve success, they try to come back into your life.

You can profit from people all kinds of ways. But just profiting financially from them is the least on the totem pole. It’s what you’ve learned and use it in your life to help you think positive and be a better person that far outweighs the money gain.

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