#PositiveThinking: Using Your Energy Wisely

Use your energy to be the best person you can be for God, while uplifting others continually.




Energy. It’s valuable. It’s a commodity. You were born to be energetic in your daily endeavors. You were born to use your energy to inspire others. Energy is what keeps you going the extra mile in accomplishing positive goals. Our levels of kinetic energy in our youth are sometimes abnormal. Abnormal in a good sense. Use it to exercise, use it to inspire, use it to build character, use it in passing the torch of energetic inspiration to others.


Energy is a commodity. Value it, preserve it, and always consume a healthy diet rich in protein and nutrients, so you can sustain satisfactory energy levels. Energy can build a robust future of endless positive opportunity. Always believe in yourself. Always go the extra mile. Always think independently. Always humble yourself when exerting your positive energy. Goodness comes to those who use their energy wisely. Know your worth.

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