#PowerofPositivity: Using Adversity to Your #SideHustleMillionaire Business Advantage

#Success comes mostly in the #form of #adversity to #test you to #see what you're made of as a #future #sidehustlemillionaire #going from #employee to #entrepreneur

Coming soon on the positive affirmations blog:


a. Capitalizing off of under the table slurs-off the cuff comments made by your servant of the serpent employer.

b. How disrespectful comments made by your narcissist employer concerning your weight and current state of health subliminally encourages you to lose weight and make more money as a future “side hustle millionaire.”

c. Using Coercion, humiliation, and wrongful termination from the crooked human resources generalist and your employer in cahoots to accelerate yourself beyond entrepreneurial expectations in your quest to achieve [side hustle millionaire] status.

d. Why keeping a smile on your face derails and continually thwarts plans of haters.


Inspiring quote – saying from Drewry News Network: Hate makes the mental growth stagnate. When they contemplate, it’ll increase your financial weight. Checkmate!


Stay tuned.

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