#TerminatedToMillionaire: Be Thankful for Problems Because It Makes You #ThinkPositive About Yourself

Everything you’re going through is bootcamp. You’re in training to be a near future “side hustle millionaire.”

Be thankful when people walk past you in Church and don’t speak.

Be thankful for that wrongful termination, compliments of your former narcissist employer.

Be thankful for slander by jealous family members.

Be thankful for being falsely accused.

Problems on Earth are temporary. It’s teaching you to not rely on people nor the world for your success.

For your time and experiencing all sorts of trouble across the board, becoming a [side hustle millionaire] in the near future is just the tip of the iceberg. Rejection is hidden profits and growth potential.

Hang in there and keep doing the transformation work out of “inspiration or desperation.”

Your time to shine is RIGHT around the corner.

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