#TerminatedToMillionaire: don’t be surprised if your former employer contacts you years later or tries to speak when they see you in public after they find out you became a #SideHustleMillionaire

Why are you still on track for success? The LORD Jesus Christ who is GOD and GOD alone is not going to leave you out in the cold. HE makes a way out of every way for those who diligently seek HIM.



Guess what? Your former employer is in for big trouble. They think what they did to you is swept under the rug and now a thing of the past. Your former employer who’s a narcissist has skeletons in their closet. The newest skeleton they have in their closet is setting you up for wrongful termination in secrecy. little does your narcissist former employer no setting you up in secrecy is nothing more than a blessing in disguise because I bought you time to reach strategize your spiritual and entrepreneurial strategy for the future to come. Despite being wrongfully terminated and humiliated in front of customers and employees, you’re still on the track to achieve side hustle millionaire status and have a bright future without the narcissist in your life.


Now that your former narcissist employer got you wrongfully terminated and afforded you time to get yourself together spiritually and entrepreneurially, it’s your duty as an unwritten rule to start attending church often and working consistently on building your business from the ground floor up. Your former employer secretly helped you become a millionaire in the making. when your former employer find out who became a millionaire after they set you up for wrongful termination, don’t be surprised if and when they see you in public they walk up to you and try to speak and act as if everything’s cool. People always come running back after they do you wrong trying to speak or speaking through other people after they find out in secret you’re still doing good after they did you wrong.


They’ll tried to speak, give you hugs and act as if everything’s okay and nothing wrong was done on their behalf. Your former employer maybe even try to contact you through email and offer you your job back after they find out you became a millionaire. They’re thinking about the thousands of dollars they’re losing off of you in secrecy after ripping off your commissions and bonus money as a former employee of the company and how much money they’re not making without you around. It’s too late for them now that they realized your true potential. Don’t be surprised if your former employer also tries to pull slick shenanigans and set you up even further as a former employee because they’re jealous of your new founded success as a side hustle millionaire.

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