5 healthy ways to think positive on weekends

If you’re striving to move forward in life faithfully, deal with adversity, and not give naysayers or haters the satisfaction they’re looking to get out of you as a reaction, you’ll discover from experience it’s an uphill battle to stay in a positive state of mind. The good news is, despite everything you’re going through and have already been through, you can still think positive and look to the future even on weekends.


5 quick ways to think positive on weekends:


1. Go fishing. Fishing at your local lake or beach will take your mind off of problems and get you in a positive mind state. It’s good to fish on weekends because not only are fish such as striped bass and Bluefish more likely to take your bait, but you may catch some crabs. Fishing and crabbing produces feelings of happiness because it’s a goal achieved in the moment. Visit your local bait and tackle store or Walmart for nightcrawlers or sandworms so you can get your fishing on and feel happy.

2. Keep yourself occupied. This means doing positive things like food shopping, fishing, working out at the gym, or writing. Writing has a way to express feelings or creative business ideas that will put you in the future position to be a side hustle millionaire.

3. Get more sleep. Sleep has a unique tendency to keep unhealthy weight off, help you transition to a positive state of mind by getting more sleep on weekends, and wake up with feelings of happiness. Get more rest and you’ll notice a change in your outlook on life and how much easier it is to think positive in the most challenging times of your life.

4. Research and consider taking the supplement St. John’s Wort before starting weekend activities. This unique herb is quoted by many people and companies to have positive properties of impacting the mind and body to think and feel positive. You can learn more about the amazing supplement known as St John’s Wort by performing a search in your favorite search engine.

5. Take a fun drive to nowhere. You’ve probably been going through so much during the week that you need to turn your brain off and take a quick drive to no particular destination. Before getting in your car and driving to nowhere to release yourself from the challenges you’ve experienced during the week, it’s a good idea first and foremost to get in the shower and wash every body part with soap and body wash, brush your teeth, shampoo your scalp if needed, gargle with mouthwash preferably Listerine for minty mouthwash with peppermint or Wintergreen in it, put on clean underwear, clean clothing, socks , good smelling perfume or cologne before getting in your car or SUV to take that fantasy ride to nowhere. You want to be sure your oral and external hygiene is on deck so be mindful to freshen up before hitting the road so you remain in a positive state of mind.


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