You #Apologized Too Many Times: Why Are You #Apologizing if You Did Nothing Wrong?

Life is no easy journey to walk. Adversity is bound to jump out of the wood works. Your boss will turn on you. People in your inner circle will look at you strange. They say one thing, say another, and do another. And, in the midst of the odds against anyone, prosperity, maturity, spiritual growth and anything additionally positive arises from it. When a boss is either stealing your marketing ideas, or not listening to you with an idea pitch and tries to run reverse psychology game, it’s time to silently tell them to take a hike and start your own business. And, that”s exactly what the gentleman did in the article link below.


With no experience, he started his business at age 26, when his employer then indirectly clowned him and laughed at his idea. Just 4 months later, he managed to raise 1 million to fund his entrepreneurial vision. Look where he is today, 20+ years later after inception. He never gave up and did the transformation business work.

Positive thinking, a humble mindset, and visionary thinking propelled him to be the best entrepreneur possible. And today, he continues the transformational business journey of inspiring people he doesn’t know from a can of paint to take entrepreneurship to the public 9th step.


‘It Pays to Think Positive’

Today’s job market is competitive to the infinity power. With a good education, even if a day job is not for you, you can still be an innovative thinker, positively affecting the lives of others for decades. Education is something no one can take from you once acquired. Can you potentially transform the mindset of others with a college education? Absolutely. Knowledge is power, and people will listen more to you, as well as hear out your educational ideas.

Chip Conley transformed himself from employee to entrepreneur with positive thinking. He used adversity of his boss not listening to him with an idea that could have boosted corporate profit potential for the employer he was working for back in 1987. He transitioned into a man with a master plan and transformed into his own boss, using the education in his mind to get the last laugh on his former employer.

Moral of story: Adversity can bring out the best in anyone in showing what you’re made of. Never, never, never give up on yourself!

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