Starting a #Business off of Faith, Positive Thinking, and Prayer: It’s Possible if You Believe

Asking GOD to help you in your journey and relying on The Lord Jesus Christ is the first action step towards unimaginable success.

#entrepreneurs see more #life success in #business than #working a regular #dayjob

Truth: Positive thinking and starting a business in the most challenging times of your life says much about your personal character. The extra work in running your own business is more than rewarding, as it gives a piece of mind and is spiritually liberating. In today’s information technology era, most would still argue it’s worth writing a business plan or business plans on paper.

There’s no doubt that clearly outlining your business agenda and goals on paper is always a positive thing to do. Others tend to just get their feet wet the hard knock life way and just do it. When you feel anyone pushing you to the point of no return, step out in faith, operate at full strength, do the transformation business work, and most importantly, stay faithful in prayer, supplication, fasting, and consistent prayer. You’ll be ok in the long run. Turn it all over to The LORD Jesus. HE will work things out for you.


‘Turning An Adversary Into Your Footstool’

A true champion is one who treats others with respect. A true champion knows that the content of their heart determines how blessed they’ll be. A true champion values opinions, feedback, and respects feelings of everyone.

Kindness, humility, not giving the reaction people look for in you when they throw a [curve ball] , and being neutral builds character. It’s amazing how an adversary can throw a curve ball at you, say things out of turn in secret, play like everything is cool and say they did nothing to you at all, when they themselves can”t take the pressure when it”s dished back to them. Is that the mindset of a winner?


Little do those who try to say or do things to hurt others know that while they think they have messed up a grand opportunity for the person who strives daily, they have indirectly allowed the other person whom they have competed against and silently showed jealousy towards take their blessings.

It’s not good to compete against others in a certain way. Work together, and feel happier in your heart you did something to the good of others, for that is the genuine act of a real champion business person.

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  1. Thanks for this really inspiring post. In summation, follow the golden rule of treating others the same way you want to be treated. Respecting each other is what we practice here at home. When respect becomes a habit at home, it will become a way of living everywhere.

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